About Us

We strive to offer quality products and services to our customers

Founded in 2013, Live Systems began as a means to improve electrical construction across an ever-evolving technological industry.  Today Live Systems is a leader in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Critical Infrastructure electrical Installations, across multiple markets and multiple states. Live Systems has become one of the foremost electrical contractors and our current projects range up to $250 million in total construction costs. We believe that electrical construction must move forward utilizing technology to maximize energy efficiency and create power systems capable of improving the quality of life for homeowners, business operators, and Industrial leaders throughout society. 

Live Systems focuses on safety, quality, and customer satisfaction each day to maintain focus on our core values.  As a company, we believe in the power of teamwork. Every team member is critical, to the successful design, installation, and implementation of each electrical solution we install. Together we can improve the electrical industry for generations to come.

Evolution in the industry is the key to creating a sustainable future. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Transportation, and Critical Infrastructure projects will always be at the forefront of advancements in technology and industry. Rest assured, Live Systems will be there, to usher in the next generation of improvements, to further progress innovations, and better serve the community.